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Relaxing Pillow Mist 100ml

This #1 bestseller in Korea will help create a relaxing atmosphere that sends you off to deep sleep and sweet dreams!
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- 100% natural scent
- For use on home linen, bed linen and pillows
- Promotes restful sleep and relaxation


Spray in your bedroom and on your pillow 15 minutes before bedtime to create a calming atmosphere

Deck the halls (and the rest of your home) with our fragrant candles and diffuser complete with our signature scents. Home Collection
PDO Lavender essential oil
Certified highest quality lavender essential oil known for its purifying and soothing properties, as well as its exquisite relaxing scent

Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Known for its soothing and relaxing properties as well as citrusy-sweet scent

Geranium Flowers Essential Oil
Known for its purifying and astringent properties as well as sweet, floral scent

Bergamot Essential Oil
Known for its stress-reducing and calming properties as well as citrusy scent

Mandarin Essential Oil
Known for its calming properties and pleasurable sweet scent.

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