Immortelle Harmonie Collection

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Where land and sea meet, an eternal beauty is born. With Harmonie Divine, L'Occitane unveils a skincare line harnessing the fusion of two precious ingredients with exceptional properties: Immortelle Millésimée – the flower that never fades, even more precious – and Jania Rubens – the red algae with the ability to eternally regenerate.

Specifically for supreme anti-aging, this range is perfect for mature skin. Whether your concern is a lack of firmness and radiance, deep set wrinkles, aging spots and uneven skin tone or dehydration, we have you covered. Divine Harmony is perfect for firming, smoothing, brightening and redefining facial contours.

immortelle harmonie

Supreme Anti-Ageing

The silky and indulgent anti-ageing cream combines Immortelle and Jania Rubens - a red algae which is used to target deep set wrinkles and restore hydration to the skin. Upon application, this rejuvenating cream softly melts into the skin, transforming into a fine oil in order to release its active ingredients deeper into the skin.

immortelle harmonie

Visible Improvement With Harmonie Cream*


This strong and resilient plant grows in extremely harsh conditions in the Corsican Maquis. Swept by salty winds from the Mediterranean sea and drenched in intense sunlight, she bears the name of Immortelle because she doesn’t wither, even after being picked.


Achieve youthful, radiant and glow skin with our full collection of anti-ageing skincare. Formulated with Corsican Immortelle, our anti-ageing products actively works to reduce signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles and dullness.

*Consumer test on 31 women over 3 months.
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