Body Gua Sha Massage Tool


Body Gua Sha Massage Tool

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Each day, apply the Artichaut massage cream with a Gua Sha following these steps. 1. Neck: Slide the Gua Sha from the top of the neck to the shoulder. 2. Back: Standing straight, stroke downwards on each side of the back. 3. Belly: Make circular strokes, clockwise. Follow each Gua Sha movement with the other hand. Finish with 5 pressures with the Gua Sha on the colon (down and left of the belly button) for a feeling of relief. 4. Arms: Work steadily up and down from wrist to shoulder for outer arm. Pull firmly upwards, from wrist to elbow to underarm for inner arm. 5. Legs: Press and stroke from bottom to top, from ankle to knees. Repeat on the inside & outside of thighs.
By activating circulation, massage techniques performed with a Gua Sha massage tool help to reduce discomforts due to heavy legs and swellings. Invented 2000 years ago in Asia, Gua Sha is a traditional massage technique consisting in performing stroking movement on skin with a stone-like massage tool to activate circulation. “Sha” traditionally meant “stagnant blood”. Made of composite of minerals, quartz & oxide of magnesium.
Country of Origin: France
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