The Perfect Anti-Aging Ritual

Follow L’OCCITANE’s perfect Anti-Aging guide with easy steps to achieve a young and healthy complexion.

Step 1 – Cleanse Your Skin with Immortelle Divine Cleansing Foam

Remove impurities with a gentle water-based cleanser like our Immortelle Divine Cleansing Foam to remove makeup and dirt while gently enveloping the skin with a comforting cream-in-foam texture.


Step 2 – Target Visible Signs of Aging with Immortelle Divine Serum

Apply our ultra-concentrated Immortelle Divine Serum that fights against visible signs of aging, wrinkles, loss of firmness, radiance and uneven skin tone.


Step 3: Take Care of Your Eyes With Immortelle Reset eye Serum

As we all know the first signs of aging occurs around the eyes as the skin is sensitive but also highly absorbent. Apply our under-eye booster serum for a more rested, youthful looking eyes.


Step 4: Moisturise Your Skin with Immortelle Divine Cream

Discover the power of immortelle essential oil with our Immortelle Divine Cream. Make sure to lock in all the moisture with this last step to the anti-aging skincare routine. With the cashmere-like texture, the face cream melts into the skin, instantly nourishing and softening it.


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