Discover L'OCCITANE natural hair care products for healthy and beautiful hair. Our selection of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks use the power of 5 essential oils to achieve total hair beauty. Browse our hair care collections for different hair types and give your hair the care it demands.

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Our ranges ideal for normal hair are suitable for daily use, using natural ingredients and essential oils to gently cleanse the hair, maintaining it's suppleness and shine.

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Our Intense Repairing Hair Care range targets dry & damaged hair, with a formula that helps repair, strengthen, regenerate and soften dry and damaged hair.

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Our hair care for dry scalp is made with natural ingredients that aren't too harsh, and will leave your scalp feeling comfortable, soothed and nourished.

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Formulated with essential oils, our Purifying hair range helps eliminate built-up residue that suffocates the hair, to leave your hair cleaner for longer, with a soft and shiny finish.

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Our newest hair care range gives strength & volume to fine, fragile and thinning hair by strengthening hair fibres and reduces hair fall due to breakage.

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Our eco-refills, with it's clever 500ml design, is easy to pour and replenish your favourite shampoo or conditioner up to 2 times, and uses up to 90% less plastic.

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Alternate Your Shampoos

Scalp is skin, but hair is not. Alternate between 1 shampoo for the scalp and 1 shampoo for the hair every other day to achieve a healthier scalp and smoother hair.

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