Verbena Outdoor Spray

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Verbena Outdoor Spray


The intense, sparkling freshness of verbena mingling with a blend of essential oils to perfume summer days and evenings! With its refreshing, invigorating verbena scent, this body mist gives a feeling of softness to the skin. • It perfumes the skin with the lemony notes of verbena. • It contains a blend of essential oils of citronella, lavender and eucalyptus. • Essential oil of mint refreshes and invigorates the skin. The blend of essential oils in this formula combines notes of verbena with the scent of citronella. It also contains essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender and mint, which relax, refresh and invigorate. With its delicate lemony notes, this body spray is perfect for both day and evening use. The lemony verbena scent of this Outdoor Body Spray whisks your senses away to Provence. Its fragrance evokes Provençal markets, filled with the scent of verbena after the harvest, or strolls beneath the hot summer sun, when verbena offers a true haven of freshness. This Outdoor Body Spray is enriched with an organic verbena extract from Provence, harvested in Drôme Provençale. This naturally generous plant is grown with care for L'OCCITANE on land that has been converted to organic farming. Every year, it yields two harvests: one in July, the other in October. Perfume your skin with the lemony and aromatic notes of verbena, with the Verbena Eau de Toilette.


A fresh zest that fills the air along the paths of Provence - it’s unmistakeable. Verbena has a long history of use as a curative plant. It’s often been called the plant of enchantment because its lemony freshness help revive the body and mind. Step into a magical moment with our Verbena collection, which includes fragrances, body and hair care. VISIT OUR E-MAGAZINE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT VERBENA > Verbena


An enchanting essence In summer, the scent of verbena fills the markets in Provence. Long used for its healing properties, today verbena is nearly synonymous with freshness. L’OCCITANE’s Verbena Collection honors the long history of the herb, transferring its cooling properties to a line of fragrances, body care and hair care that will give your body and mind a little added boost to get you ready to take on the day.

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