Everyone deserves a little pampering in their life. L’OCCITANE has a special line just for men, for those daily aggressions that can wreak havoc on male skin. With energizing scents like cade and citron, we take personal grooming to a new level so you can look and smell great with the power of nature.

Cade Revitalising Cream

Cade Revitalising Cream delivers total care for a man’s skin needs. 
Its texture is immediately absorbed to leave skin comfortable, without shine or stickiness. May be applied immediately after shaving, and can be used in the morning and the evening.

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Our NEW! Men Collection

How To Perfect Your Shaving Routine

Whether it’s a silky clean shave, rugged stubble tracing a dark shadow around the jawline or a luxuriant full beard that is his pride and joy, a well-groomed face is a man’s crowning glory.