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Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap - Milk

Note : 4.8 /5 (131 reviews)
Non-irritating; suitable for men, women and children.

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Formulated with a 100% vegetable base and enriched with nourishing Shea Butter. L'Occitane works directly with women's Shea-processing collectives in western Africa, supporting economic recovery - and a heritage of natural harvesting traditions. Non-irritating; suitable for men, women and children.


On damp skin, create a soft foam by rubbing the soap in between your palms. Gently massage the soap onto your skin. Rinse


We’d only make an exception to our Provence-only rule for a very special ingredient - the inimitable Shea Butter. Used for centuries by Sub-Saharan African women to nourish and protect skin and hair, Shea Butter is an ideal beauty ingredient. We work with several thousand women in Burkina Faso to develop a sustainable, fair trade Shea Butter supply chain. So you can feel good about feeling good. LEARN MORE> Discover our complete face, body and hair care offer, containing exceptionally high concentrations of Shea Butter. VISIT OUR E-MAGAZINE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SHEA BUTTER > Shea Butter


Protection from the Elements Shea trees dot the landscape in Burkina Faso, where hot winds blow sand and dust daily across the Savannah. To protect their skin from the harsh conditions, women have used shea butter for generations. Organized into cooperatives, they use traditional methods to harvest and extract the butter from inside the fruits of this sacred tree. The result - a universal and irreplaceable beauty product.

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131 Customer Reviews

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  • Best soap ever

    I have extremely sensitive skin I have tried a multitude of commercial and handmade soaps everything I tried caused itching a rash great irritation if you have sensitive skin nd and problems using commercial soap I would highly recommend you give this soap a try you won't be disappointed.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location 30568
    • Country UNITED STATES
    • Age 55+
    • Skin type
    • Hair type Normal
  • Princess MP

    OM goodness, L'Occitane En Provence is the bestest ever. Products are rich, creamy, soapy and this product in particular is so light, delicate and just the right soap for hands. Love love this produc,t not to mention the Shea Milk which is gentle for any hands whether young or old :-)

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Long Ashton, Bristol
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
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  • Clean

    Very nice natural soap that you can work up a good lather with and rinses clean without that residue feel...by far my favourite brand of bar soap

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Massachusetts
    • Country UNITED STATES
    • Age 35 - 44
    • Skin type Dry
    • Hair type Dry and damaged
  • Amazing!

    Smells amazingly good! I highly recommend it!

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Atlanta Georgia
    • Country UNITED STATES
    • Age 18 - 24
    • Skin type Combination
    • Hair type Normal
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