Divine Youth Oil

There are many reasons to love oil

At L'Occitane we have always believed in power of a facial oil like our bestselling Divine Youth Oil, as it is known to have the greatest affinity with our skin.

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Did You Know?

Oil Controls Oil

Regular use of Divine Youth Oil regulates sebum production and makes your skin less oily over time.

Skin care, leveled-up!

The exceptional antioxidant properties of our iconic Immortelle essential oil helps protect and repair your skin. And when your skin is healthier, it will be ready to fully reap the benefits of the rest of your skin care routine.

100% Natural,100% Results

Just one drop of Divine Youth Oil combines the restorative powers of 8 precious oils including our iconic Immortelle essential oil. The use of 100% natural oils makes it suitable even for sensitive skin.

Here are our favorite ways to use Divine Youth Oil

Tired and Dry Skin from Partying Too Much? - L'Occitane India

Tired and Dry Skin from Partying Too Much?

Add 2 drops of Divine Youth Oil to your favourite moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin from within.

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For An Intense Anti-Aging Treatment - L'Occitane India

For An Intense Anti-Aging Treatment

Add 3 drops or more of Divine Youth Oil to your favourite serum for a strong dose of Immortelle youth-preserving power.


Our Divine Combos

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Divine Youth Oil
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The Immortelle Power Duo
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