Anti-Pollution Skincare Products
Kickstart your skincare regime by prepping your skin to be ready for the day; a morning wash with a fresh and hydrating cleanser like our Aqua Gel Cleanser. This will not only wake up your skin, but help prevent pollutants to get into your pores. Follow it up with a gentle toner such as our Immortelle Essential Water that will further refine your skin’s texture and protect your skin against harsh external aggressions. 

Immortelle Divine Serum

Add a pore-minimising step to your anti-pollution skincare routine. Our Immortelle Divine Serum works as a great base under makeup or moisturiser and is powered by ‘Immortelle’ which is also a natural alternative to retinol. To leave your skin with a healthy glow, try our Immortelle Divine and Precious moisturising creams infused with oxidant-bursting extracts.


Milk Make-Up Remover

Removing all your makeup off after a hectic day at work is as important as following a morning skincare routine. Use a rinse-off cleanser like our Milk Make-Up Remover to get rid of any pollutants that have settled on your skin during the day. Follow it up with a face scrub twice a week to ensure there is no build-up of dead skin.

Immortelle Reset Serum

Before you go to bed, use our Immortelle Reset Serum by gently patting it onto a freshly cleansed face. Our best seller serum will help your skin relax and reset overnight and give it a boost of hydration. Apply your favourite moisturiser to achieve glowing and well-rested skin the next morning.

Our Anti-Pollution Skincare Recommendations