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Our Almond range is both deliciously addictive and wonderfully sensual. The creamy, tender and silky textures provide long lasting softness and melt into skin. A real pleasure for the senses!   

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3 Step Almond Routine

We take a professional approach to body care, thinking of it like skin care! Here is our holistic routine to help you achieve the best results!

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Benefit of Almond

Almond is a true treasure of nature and rich in vitamins and omegas. It is well known to moisturise, nourish and soften amongst it’s many benefits.

At L'OCCITANE, we use Almond in all its textures; oil, butter, crushed shells, protein and milk. This allows us to recover all the benefits and all the textures of this amazing ingredient and minimise waste.

Sweet almond oil calms, revitalises and rejuvenates dull skin, evens skin tone and minimises stretch marks. Almond butter hydrates and softens skin with its creamy texture. Almond protein helps firm and smooth the body as well as restores the hair protective barrier.

Almonds in Provence

Up until the beginning of the last century, the Almond tree was a strong symbol of the Provencal landscape. However, Almond cultivation was abandoned to make way for more profitable crops, such as olives and grapes, and by the 1930s, the tree had virtually disappeared from the region.

By making sure our moisturizing Almond range is only made with a unique variety of Almonds grown in the south of France, L’OCCITANE is able to support the Almond-growing business in the region which in turn supports the biodiversity of the region and ensures that the Almond tree continues to be part of Provencal landscape. Together with our producers, L’OCCITANE has now replanted 17,000 almond trees and counting.