This year, our Christmas Advent Calendar is full of surprises! Are you ready to experience the L’Occitane countdown and get your glow on?

Premium Advent Calendar


Make the countdown to Christmas exciting with our Premium Advent Calendar. Open and discover 24 of our best-selling sumptuous skincare, fragrance and beauty treats. Plus, you are going to love its unique moving design!
Taking you on a 24 day journey, you will discover the Tree of Dreams story. Each day open a drawer and uncover a tip to help nurture nature.

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₹ 6,250.00


Classic Advent Calendar

A Tale from L'Occitane

There is no better way to discover new favourites than by peeling back 24 doors in the lead up to Holiday, treat yourself to irresistible beauty and skincare gifts each day of the countdown to Holiday.
This Holiday, our Classic Advent Calendar takes the form of a book, telling one of our true stories about the almond tree.

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Holiday Crackers

Four crackers, four ways to surprise your loved ones! Each cracker comes with 2 miniatures from our bestselling body ranges.

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₹ 1,950.00


Our Holiday Giveaway

If you're lucky, you might win a Golden Ticket! OK, it's not quite a Golden Ticket, but it's the same idea...On the back of each Advent calendar there's a serial number. Simply register here, type in this number, and you might be lucky enough to win a gift!)

This Holiday, Get Ready To Be Spoilt For Choice!

Shea Limited Edition

Classic Shea Collection

Our Classic Shea collection is made of eleven products that are dressed in a deep, festive blue decorated with colourful pictures. Our brand-new The Petit Cleanser hand soap plays a star role in this collection!

Honey Harvest Collection

Our Honey Harvest limited editions are made with extracts of lavender honey, produced by our certified organic beekeepers. Except inside shimmery bath pearls.

Festive Garden Collection

Our Festive Garden limited-edition collection celebrates the diversity of nature. Responsibly sourced green mandarin from Brazil and ylang-ylang flowers from the Comoros Islands come together in a captivating scent.

Our Holiday Gift Shop


Limited-edition collections, gorgeous gift sets, star products. It's impossible to go wrong when you shop for Holiday gifts at L'OCCITANE! There's something for everyone & anyone.