Verbena is a shrub that is typical of the Mediterranean basin. People from the south of France are very familiar with this plant.

In June, as baskets are filled with the freshly harvested green leaves, the markets in Provence are heavy with the scent of Verbena. Its fresh, lemony fragrance is carried for miles around.

When summer arrives and the weather gets hotter, verbena leaves are used for herbal iced teas or tangy sorbets.

This refreshing sensation is at the heart of the verbena collection – a vibrant, radiant range to revive both the body and mind!

Rémy Margiella, an organic farmer with much experience in medicinal plants, planted a hectare of organic verbena in Visan, in Provence. The floral waters and macerated oils are made from the dried leaves and are used in the products in the L'OCCITANE Verbena range.
"We harvest verbena twice every year: first in early summer, and then again in early autumn." 

Did you know ?
Verbena, also known as "enchantment", was a favorite plant with magicians – who used it to make love potions. Verbena is considered a universal remedy, hence why it is also called the "cure-all" herb.