Roses et Reines Jardin Secret Shower Foam

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Roses et Reines Jardin Secret Shower Foam


This shower foam gently cleanses and delicately perfumes the skin, with a floral scent softened by fresh green notes. With its light, airy texture, it melts deliciously onto the skin. Enhanced by an essence of rose from Grasse, the Roses et Reines Jardin Secret collection evokes the garden where the four queens of Forcalquier, sisters and lifelong confidantes, loved to meet.


In Provence, there once were four sisters. Their father, the count of Forcalquier, gave them each a rose to tend as they waited for true love. The sisters attracted four kings, who wrote them love letters. They signed each one with the unique fragrance of different roses, a symbol of purest love. Our rose collection is inspired by this love story, with romance and femininity for every occasion. VISIT OUR E-MAGAZINE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ROSE > Rose


The Queen of Flowers In ancient times, Mediterranean women would steep rose petals in oils to perfume their skin with, as a way to radiate beauty and femininity. Now, the scent has become a symbol of beauty and love - an endless source of creativity for perfumers. L’OCCITANE perfumers use a blend of roses from Morocco, Turkey, Bulgaria and Grasse in France. The result is the purest scent, collecting history of the rose from all parts of the world.

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