Turn Back the Clock in Style

Between a decrease in light and upset habits, the switch to winter time is often synonymous with a disruption of your daily rhythm. Let’s look at the right routine to adopt to make the most of this autumn ritual.
By Mélissa Darré

In late October, one hour is added to your sleep cycle. Good news? Not necessarily. Instituted in 1975 to promote energy conservation following the oil crisis, this transition to winter time can provoke some upheavals in your internal clock. Sleep disorders, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating... these are many telltale signs of a sensitivity to the change of schedule. Here are some beauty and wellness tips to make the switch smoothly.

Anticipate the Side-Effects

Often likened to jetlag, the effects of the transition to winter time can be easily managed, especially by gradually shifting your meal and bed times to avoid a sudden shock on the day. To protect your biological clock as much as possible, make sure to listen to your body.

To counter the possible sensations of fatigue and depression, opt for an energy boost thanks to the L'Occitane Aromachologie Revitalizing range. At any hour of the day, these precious treatments containing essential oils of rosemary and orange will give you a gentle boost, while perfuming your skin with a bouquet of pure scent.

Treat Yourself to Moments of Relaxation

The time change is one of those phases where the harmony of body and mind is put to the test, resulting in slight upsets or major disorders. Indulging in moments of well-being – for example gentle physical activity or a relaxing bath in which you do a "body scan," focusing your awareness on each body part – is therefore essential to centre yourself.

The benefits from these moments of meditation can be prolonged for the duration of a treatment derived from the L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing range. Purifying lavender and soothing bergamot exploit their soothing powers to provide you with an unrivaled moment of relaxation, complete with a 100% natural fragrance.

Promote a Peaceful Sleep

Less disruptive than in summer, putting the clocks back to winter time can still have an impact on sleep. More than ever, put the odds on your side so that the conditions for a restful night are met, especially by avoiding caffeinated beverages and favoring a light dinner.

Your bedroom environment also plays a key role in your ability to sleep well. The Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist proves to be a great asset for making your room the perfect nest. A real cocktail of essential oils, this soothing treatment diffuses a tranquil atmosphere promising a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

Turn Back the Clock in Style
Turn Back the Clock in Style

Let’s look at the right routine to adopt to make the most of this autumn ritual

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